Don Murphy was born on probation in April,1967. After looking for a place that would accommodate his special powers, he and his family settled in Hicksville, New York, a town that really does exist. He struggled through years of comic book reading and black and white television before attending Chaminade High School in Mineola, New York. This repressed Catholic boy's school educated Don in the ways of test cramming and wearing the same outfit every day, but neglected to explain about girls. They also didn't care much for Monty Python or Billy Joel, and thus both are particular favorites of his to this day.

He continued his education by earning a BSBA at the Business School of Georgetown University in Washington D.C. although most of his time in D.C. was spent at the Biograph Theatre, Circle Theatre and American Film Institute, watching the collected films of Kubrick and Polanski. His father, in an act of pure nepotism, helped him get a job as a copywriter during the summers at the now defunct Diener Hauser Bates, an advertising firm that somehow represented over 70% of the film studios at the same time. While there Don worked on the campaigns for films like BLOW-UP and UNDER THE RAINBOW and RAGTIME and rode the Long Island Rail Road a lot.

After College Don considered a career in the Law but realized his disrespect for it was not helpful. Wishing then to enter the world of film properly Don was accepted into graduate studies at the prestigious film school at the University of Southern California. Here he met future friends and filmmakers like Bryan Singer, Michael Davis, Gary Fleder, Scott Rosenberg, Jay Roach, John Turteltaub, Dan Waters, and Larry Karazewski. Soon after completing the program, Don partnered with fellow USC Alum Jane Hamsher in an attempt to produce motion pictures. The duo were open to reading any screenplays they could get their hands on, and Don knew this guy from a video rental store in the South Bay area. This led to their first alliance, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and more followed.

Don later, in 1998, moved on as a producer and started AngryFilms through which he has been part of numerous high profile films such as TRANSFORMERS and SHOOT 'EM UP. He is married to Scottish filmmaker Susan Montford with whom he often produces and who also writes and directs. They made the exciting thriller WHILE SHE WAS OUT starring Kim Basinger together. Currently they have some plans for world domination and a new form of goat but will share neither with you because that would be telling.

Don feels that among the evils plaguing the world today, none are worse that Wikipedia, a website that encourages cretins to reveal their stupidity and have it taken seriously. He hopes that the courts will soon dismantle the site and lock its founders in irons. Upcoming projects include REAL STEEL , an amazingly cool film starring Hugh Jackman as well as the third TRANSFORMERS . His message board is a good place to hang it if you like to be mercilessly mocked. He believes that the future of Cinema was overlooked a few years ago. If you have any comments or concerns about anything Don is associated with please write it up in triplicate so we can throw it out appropriately.